the year in scarves

My family draws names for Christmas and I got my mom. For weeks everytime she walked past me she'd pretend to cough "scarves" at me! So I decided to make her a scarf for every season, knitting it in that season. Here she is opening them - you can see she is putting them all on as she goes!

This was the winter scarf. It's a mobius made from kid mohair. Red is her favorite color.

The spring scarf was inspired by redbud trees against the kelly green newly leaved trees on the mountains between here and home. I even stopped and bought the yarn in Cumberland which is roughly half way there. It's rayon. Nice drape!

I was determined to buy the summer scarf materials at MDSW because that is the start of summer to me and I succeeded in finding a pretty little silk boucle yarn in late summer colors. Mom's really not a pastel kind of gal. I almost missed knitting it in summer though and didn't finish it 'til Labor Day, the end of summer to me!

I tought she'd like the first three scarves but they were all lacy and a bit foofoo so the fall scarf had to be straight forward, chunky, warm, and in neutral colors.

Then I discovered from Dad that he was getting her a new camel colored long coat for Christmas and I thought she really needed a soft little alpaca blue scarf to match her beautiful blue eyes. The "Christmas season" scarf. I can pretend there are five seasons if I want to!! I finished this one the day before Christmas and worked on it while moving my brother from Texas!

The project was really fun because it lasted all year and all the scarves have fun memories attached. She seemed to like all of them! So there are five projects completed last year that I couldn't show because Mom sometimes looks here!

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Brandy said...

What a neat NEAT idea Jen. I'm sure your mother loved it. And I would say more, but alas, the baby awakes.