The burprag makes an appearance

I just wanted to show Jen's handywork in action (on Christmas Day no less!). It gets a lot of use. In fact, it kinda feels wrong to let her spit up so much on it.

Also, the outfit she is wearing was mine when I was a baby. My sisters and I all had matching pj's that Christmas.


jeekeehoo said...

Spit away my fine lass, 'tis what it's for!!

And Brandy, I love the little outfit. Did your Mom make it? Because I know she sews. Also, did she make the outfits that the grandchildren were all wearing in your parent's christmas letter?

jeekeehoo said...

p.s. meant to say that I love the sweater ornaments and that people are crazy if they don't

and, speaking of crazy, are you crazy?! go see Debbie Bliss, her cool little British accent talking about knitting is at least worth half the cost - why does everything sound cooler with a British accent?

BrandyMcD said...

I don't think my mom made the outfit, but I'm not sure. My mom sent you a Christmas letter? Oh dear. I always want to offer to proofread it but don't know how to do it nicely.

The outfits the cousins were all wearing (same as the picture you should have gotten via email) came from The Children's Place. They bought Ellery's the day she was born. They were just looking for some kind of girly dress to give her. A few weeks later my mom ran across all the matching pieces.