Unblocked Flower Child

The pictures didn't turn out great, but here it is! This is Norah Gaughn's Flower Child. An interesting knit - I am not a fan of seaming so if I knit this again I would probably do the brain work to make it in the round instead of as written. Hopefully I will see my mom this weekend and she'll let me do a photo shoot.

new year, old knits

So these were the toys I made the nephews for Christmas, an alien and a dinosaur (that's the toys not the nephews!). I also finished a pair of brown socks (which I've totally failed to get pictures of) and have all the pieces to a sweater (but the sleeves aren't playing nicely with the arm holes so it's in timeout until I feel like wrestling with it).

We were snowed-in in WV for more days than we had planned on being gone and I had just run out of clean socks when I finished the brown ones. I literally took them off the needles, sowed in the ends, and put them directly on my feet. If I hadn't finished them I'd have been barefoot inside those snow boots!!

I did a spinning demonstration for 1-3 grade yesterday. Favorite question (besides the apparently standard "can you spin squirrel fur?" which I seem to get every time): "Does that take batteries?" pointing to the wheel after I had just explained to them all how it works!

From Cbus

I visited Wonder Knits the other day - they have a good selection of organic yarns, but no Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (that's what I really wanted). Instead I got this, which is dyed by the shop:

Thanks to Jen & Mark for the GC - the woman who rang me up remembered talking to Jen because she is from the DC area.
More on the new digs later. I have to brave the 9 degree temps and walk to class! Good thing I have lots of wooooool!!