The Mind Eraser

I spent the day at Six Flags getting beat up by rollercoasters. The wooden ones were especially rough, but the worst was the Mind Eraser. It was like being in a boxing match against Centripetal Force. I was completely exhausted until I got into bed (strange how that happens sometimes). Blogging is a great way to encourage sleep, so I give you: progress.

This awesome, fall-inspired yarn was purchased almost one year ago at Rhinebeck. The foliage was spectacular and it definitely influenced this choice. I'm making the Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together because these aren't colors I will wear all the time, and a shrug is definitely something I only wear occasionally. Since I took this photo, I've added about 5 inches. Only 29 to go for the body, then I have to do sleeves and an edging that I don't quite understand. And there is some seaming involved. Complex piece of knittery, this. You can see (if you click on the photo for more detail) some of the other patterns I considered before choosing the shrug.

Next, I give you the remnants of the Sublime after I finished my little cardigan.

See that long piece? That's for the button. Now to find a button...

I tried to take a photo of me wearing it, but it just ended being a lot of camera flash and a little bit of the bottom edge of the cardigan. Perhaps some action shots will come once I find that button. I'm thinking big, black, and shiny. Who wants to go button shopping?