Cable 8 Top

The cable 8 top. I finished it right after I got back from Baltimore and have worn it several times, including on Go Texan day with blue jeans and boots. I really like it! In the picture it looks like the bottom is slanted but I promise it is not. Ellery insisted on getting in the picture with me and standing the same way.

Unfortunately the pictures of the my other to FO's are also on Caleb's computer but he only sent me this one. I'll put up pics of the baby hat and not-quite-super-long wrap soon.

I am working on a baby gift. I dug around and found a pattern for a little boy's sweater vest that is knitted in the round. I found some yarn that I like for it in Seattle. I checked and double checked that my gauge was correct but now that I am almost finished on the body of it I think it is going to be huge! I checked my gauge again and it is right. I guess this is just the risk entertained when knitting something for the first time as a gift. As long as the neck and armholes are proportionate I don't mind giving them something that fits a 2-year-old. I mean, toddlers need clothes too. I just don't understand what I've done wrong.

spring cleaning

Cleaning out the knitting basket! Done stuff that needs posted. Isn't it funny, projects don't feel done anymore until I've posted here!

DONE: hat

DONE: sweater

DONE: hat and sweater!

DONE: felted bag

DONE: the cherry blossom mitts!! so they were a Christmas present, so sue me