Soliciting ideas

Wedding knitting - I'm think a wrap or stole
Time table: I can pretty much pull anything off at this point
Style: something classic and modern
Yarn: something special



MSWF Report.

much fun had by all STOP many cute sheep STOP shearing was 'specially good STOP won three ribbons at the Skein and Garment Competition STOP two 1st place and (ready?) BEST SKEIN of the WHOLE FESTIVAL STOP

BUT could not STOP missing you both STOP

and now, definitely, stop

(more details and pictures about the socks and the yarn at Ravelry! I couldn't get photos to load here and am tired of trying:)


I'm talking to you my sister. Stop looking.

Serious Ang, avert your eyes.

Is she gone?

I think so...

Made with KnitPicks Comfy Sport. If I had to do it again, I'd go down a needle size or two.

Also, jeekeehoo...I hear you have some big news from MDSW???? Spill!

Olympic knitting

GOLD! I finished the baby blanket project I cast on for the Knitting Olympics. It was a really easy project but I'm not a fast knitter so it did push me to focus. There were other personal challenges as well but I made it. Cast off as the torch went out and even won a gift certificate and chocolate bar at the Cloverhill party! I did a little victory lap with the blanket draped around my shoulders. Seemed appropriate:)

AND I finally got around to taking pictures of the new green sweater. I'd enjoy the whole process so much more if I could get just one single picture where I didn't look like an idiot:) But there's a HUGE wheel in the background. That ought to make up for something.

second storm, second sock!

It came alright.

So, we've gotten another, what? 15-20 inches today!! BLIZZARD warning extended until 10pm because the storm has just stalled off the coast.

And me? Knitting like a fiend. I've never done a sock in one day, NEVER. Even when I've had lots of knitting time. I think the primitive instinct for survival has unconsciously kicked in. (must. knit. need. warmth. live. live.)


I've got finished objects to show but what could compare to this...

Right, right, it's a knitting blog...

see? aren't those boring!

Unblocked Flower Child

The pictures didn't turn out great, but here it is! This is Norah Gaughn's Flower Child. An interesting knit - I am not a fan of seaming so if I knit this again I would probably do the brain work to make it in the round instead of as written. Hopefully I will see my mom this weekend and she'll let me do a photo shoot.

new year, old knits

So these were the toys I made the nephews for Christmas, an alien and a dinosaur (that's the toys not the nephews!). I also finished a pair of brown socks (which I've totally failed to get pictures of) and have all the pieces to a sweater (but the sleeves aren't playing nicely with the arm holes so it's in timeout until I feel like wrestling with it).

We were snowed-in in WV for more days than we had planned on being gone and I had just run out of clean socks when I finished the brown ones. I literally took them off the needles, sowed in the ends, and put them directly on my feet. If I hadn't finished them I'd have been barefoot inside those snow boots!!

I did a spinning demonstration for 1-3 grade yesterday. Favorite question (besides the apparently standard "can you spin squirrel fur?" which I seem to get every time): "Does that take batteries?" pointing to the wheel after I had just explained to them all how it works!