it just ain't the same

Wanna take a yarn crawl?
yes. yes I do.

Off to The Mannings in PA. (SORRY! Total lack of picture taking brought on by a dozen spinning wheels to play with all in one room.)

Lunch at a great BBQ joint.
You mean I can have mac-and-cheese AND chili mixed together?!
yes. yes you can.

Can Woolstock still out sparkle Liberachi with its novelty yarn collection?
yes. yes it can.

Can you make three garden slugs in a single day if you're high on yarn fumes?

yes. yes you can.

Are yarn crawls the same without Brandy?!!

NO. NO they aren't.

Small consolation...I did finally get my Nantucket Jacket done in time to wear on the trip. Still would have been better with you there!!

Hamburger Dress

Oh my goodness. Check out this dress. Abby, you should totally do this next Halloween.

Haute Coffee

Another excellent pattern found on Ravelry. This one was free. The yarn is Paton's Organic Cotton. The cheap price (less than $6 at Michaels) makes me disinclined to believe the organic claim, but the cotton really is super sofffft. I like it and I imagine I'll make a few more as gifts.

The cup in this picture is from our favorite local coffee shop and their cups don't really need to be insulated, but who's fun!

p.s. If I make any more I might adapt the pattern to be done on dpn's to avoid a seam.

Cable Jumper Part 2

This was a fun project. Just the right level of difficulty for me. The Debbie Bliss Fair Trade Organic cotton was a little bit splitty but usually only after being excessively handled (ie ripped out/tinked). There really is a mistake in the pattern though. When you bind off for the neck the number of stitches she says are left on the straps doesn't add up. But it was fine. Cabling on the straps was difficult too because you don't have enough stitches left to do the full cable pattern. But I improvised. The armholes are a bit big but she will wear a shirt under it during the winter anyway.

The project took about two months. In the back of my mind I thought it would be neat to give to her for her birthday but I didn't pressure myself. I did finish it a few days before and wrapped it for her (even though she had already tried it on). I'm planning on doing her 3 year pics in it.