Haute Coffee

Another excellent pattern found on Ravelry. This one was free. The yarn is Paton's Organic Cotton. The cheap price (less than $6 at Michaels) makes me disinclined to believe the organic claim, but the cotton really is super sofffft. I like it and I imagine I'll make a few more as gifts.

The cup in this picture is from our favorite local coffee shop and their cups don't really need to be insulated, but who cares...it's fun!

p.s. If I make any more I might adapt the pattern to be done on dpn's to avoid a seam.


burab said...

that's really neat, Brandy. I should have made and sold those when I was working in the coffee shop. Missed opportunity I guess. Do you actually remember to take it with you? One of the regular customers actually had one (not knitted) that had a pocket in it for her frequent buyer card. She also kept a little money in it. Maybe think about a pocket for the next one?

BrandyMcD said...

I carry a giant purse since I have a three-year-old. So I just keep it in my purse all the time. I saw the pocket on some of the other patterns, but I wondered how you stored something flat and stiff in the sleeve, which is angled.