Ravelry Casualty

I've had my first Ravelry meltdown - and it feels so good. I was just browsing. What I was really, honestly doing is searching for a pattern for some yarn I already have in my stash. Then I saw this jacket which I liked but knew it would not work with the stash yarn. But, I thought it wouldn't hurt to see what types of yarns others had used. And of course, I found a version of the jacket in Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL (you can buy it at WEBS online). So I thought, well it can't hurt to see how much it costs at WEBS. What do you know? It was on closeout - half price! I think we all know what happened next. I'll be happily knitting my new jacket in just a few days.

thought I was kidding, didn't ya!

So I really did knit two sweaters, a scarf, two hats, a pair of mittens AND slippers this week...so I didn't mention they were all for four inch high wooden toy mice!!

Meet Basil and Lily, two little mice my Aunt Rhonda ordered from a German company. They are adorable and she's making them a house that is just as adorable. She's making it as if the little mice would have "found" the items. So there is a little vanity table for Lily made out of a sardines can. Their little bed is a cigar box. Think old old Warner or Disney cartoon ideas. I'll try to get some pictures of it when she's done. Lily also happens to be a spinner and knitter, so really she knit these!!

Last night "she" also finished a little vest for Basil to wear when he's feeling especially spiffy. You can see the slippers a little too. If you want to see all the shots from the fashion shoot, check out ravelry!!

I don't want Abby to think she's the only one knitting.

So we got back from the Christmas holidays and started to catch up. Then Caleb and Ellery got the flu. Then they got better and Caleb went out of town. Then Caleb got the offer from Rice and we walked around in a daze. And then Ellery got a cold. It's been an odd few weeks.

Anyway, in the midst of the flu misery I managed to get to Michaels and buy some organic cotton for a baby shower that was four days away. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I had to wing it. This is the result. It was done on time and I think the recipient liked it though I had to miss the shower itself to take care of my two patients.

Kitchner Stitchner

I made a sock, and when I gave it to the recipient to try on (because there's no sense in making 2 socks that don't fit), found that it was about 5 rounds too big in the instep. Well shoot. That meant I'd have to tear out the cuff and heel. Or did it? I could tear out the toe and pull out the rounds on that end...but then I'd have to KITCHNER. I've done the Kitchner before and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. I was working off some written instructions and things just didn't turn out. What should have been an invisible seam was actually a very visible, very large-and-in-charge mountain of a seam. I have no idea what I did wrong. But, thanks to Knitty and the wonderful illustrations they provided, I made something wonderful. This is the best I have ever made a Kitchner seam look. And, instead of giving the sock away, I'm thinking of framing it.

Oh, and what's that under the sock? That's right...thesis draft. Written words. Please don't read them though. Wow, how many things does that photo reveal about me?

A solution to 2 problems

Grad school induces poverty and thesising induces the need to finish SOMETHING: one page, one chapter, one paragraph even (it's problematic). I have discovered a solution to both these problems, though it is not novel nor is it exciting.

Well, the way the colors arranged themselves on the green one is kind of exciting...

Ballband dishcloths saved my life. Well, they saved my weekend. I can make one of these in approximately 4 hours. Perhaps less than that now that I don't need the pattern anymore. The best part is that I bought yarn for 4 dishcloths and it cost less than $10! I think there are a lot of dishcloths in my future, and if you're someone who might be getting a gift from me in the next few months, one might be in your future, too. Just let me know what colors you want.

My first Etsy purchase!

Ok, it's an awful picture, but you can tell there are two tiny sheep kissing each other, right? How CUTE is that? They are so perfect. As soon as I saw them (the shop is jelby.etsy.com) I knew they would be mine. And the very nice crafter threw in one extra one that has a tiny heart on it (not shown in pic). Tiny little felted balls of joy. My week is made! Which is funny, considering that I was so sick Monday and Tuesday and JUST FOUND OUT that I have...MONO!!! Ugh! I thought that was something you got in high school or college? Lucky me... I'm down to 10 hrs of sleep a day instead of 20, so improvement is in the air. Bon weekend!