In yesterday's paper

If there was a team category we'd totally win.

Speaking of Intarsia...

Remember those pillow cases I started years ago (really, it has been THAT long)? I finished knitting them. And I only show these pictures as evidence. They are not done...but the intarsia part is. I have embroidery to do on the yellow flower case and then seaming. I finished the embroidery on the other case and thought I had finished the seams...
Notice that the back of the second case is a little...screwed up.
Well, I sewed both seams together, flipped the case right side out and realized I'd put it together all wrong. So this is the pillow case seamed properly on one side and improperly on the other. I still have to buy some buttons for these things. I can feel it...Soon I will have 2 pillows!

I'm also working the Mystery Shawl:
Not sure how I feel about the "wing" so I haven't worked on it for a while. This is it unblocked and barely worked into clue 2. Oh, and someone was wondering where I've been. I just got back from a week long traipse through New England with my class and 3 others. We went to many, many museums. Most notably the Peabody Essex Museum, the Yale Art Museum, and the RISD Museum. I think I saw something like 10 historic houses in addition to those. It was rigorous but amazing. I didn't take many pics, but if anyone else posts theirs online I'll send you guys a link.

What do you do...

What do you do when you have a bunch of warshrags to knit up for a wedding present and only a day to do it? You try a completely new technique that you've never tried before of course!!

I give you the entrelac "dish cloth." (If you use a schmancy technique like entrelac it suddenly becomes a "dish cloth." The pattern actually called it garterlac since it doesn't use stockinette.) It was really fun to try something new knowing that if you messed up, it wouldn't matter since the recipient was simply going to scrub holes in it anyway. I understand entrelac better now but I also understand why it is often referred to as annoying. It looks cool in sugar 'n creme but truly what doesn't look cool in sugar 'n creme. LOVE the kitchen cotton baby!!

It only needs a baby

Ta-Da! The blanket is finished, one day past my sister's due date. It was totally worth ripping out I think. Now if that little boy would just make an appearance.

Carolyn, aka poodle queen

Couldn't show this one in progress cause my sis-in-law comes here sometimes (Hi Carolyn) but the cat is out of the bag now or should I say the poodle is on the bag...

This was a request from her. She found an image on line and I tried to copy it. Here's the image she sent so I think it's pretty close!

I've also finished Pierce's birthday sweater and even though I haven't given it to him yet, since he's only turning one, he doesn't come here sometimes...

p.s. If you want to see more of the poodle bag (and why wouldn't you!) you can check it out on my flickr page, search for jeekeehoo to get to the page and then click Carolyn's bag. You can see the other side which is the reverse color and the lining, which I think is cute.

If only all FOs could be like this.

So, this project was just a vague idea in my head yesterday morning. Went and got the ball of yarn, cast on last night, finished tonight. Really, I can't say more...I wouldn't want the blog entry to take longer than the FO.

A little hat and thumbless mittens of my own designe for a new couple at church who just had a baby last week.