The camera's debut!

So we finally entered the digital age with a digital camera. Merry Christmas to us! Merry Christmas to us!

Thus, this post contains pictures with actual details! Imagine that!

Remember these?!

"Up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!" (50 balls of left-over yarn from various projects to anyone who can name the children's musical that's from...come on Brandy, you got to start knowin' this stuff)

I give you the Pheonix sock

love it! made up the pattern with some help from a Nancy Bush pattern.

requisite gratuitous close-up just because I can

so two for the price of one really...the post shows both the crappy old sock project compared to the new good sock AND the crappy old camera picture with the new good camera which will hopefully actually get better! Those pictures are just with the thing straight out of the box just point and shoot. Imagine after I actually read the directions!!

The blanket's debut

Typing one-handed here girls...

Here is a photo of the blanket's first day out. I haven't used it a lot because it doesn't go with all the pink outfits she has.

It's not a great pic of the blanket because apparently the real subject is the baby.