to twist or not to twist?

Gosh I'm so behind. I shouldn't even try to catch up but here goes...

I've some spinning to show. First, the light green, a three ply light fingering. I had to drop down to a zero needle for the socks I'm making and it could probably take a 00 but I don't have any. They'll just have to be delicate little socks. The purple, green, blue is a two ply lace weight. More pics at ravelry, including the socks wip.

Then, from the "they made me do it" department, a somewhat bulky single. Single?! Yes, single! What in the world!?! There is NO SUCH thing as a "stable" single. What will become of all that lovely twist energy in there just waiting to spring?! OK,OK, I understand there are "usable" singles and I did my best! This was a project for my spinning group and it really was a VERY good learning experience for me. My motto is always that the only right way to spin is the way that gets you the yarn you want, and there is a time to have a lofty usable single yarn. Got. it.

AND, duh duh duuuuh! The shawl that never ends continues to never end. So I decided to dye the thing, assuming that it would instantly dissolve in the dye bath or turn out splotchy all over. IT DIDN'T. But it also isn't completely black. At least Mark says it's blue. I'm convinced on the black but I think it's wishful thinking. Regardless of color, I just love what lace does when you block it. Couldn't believe how big this became (that's the entire length of our KING size bed and my blocking board) and how lovely the pattern. Also couldn't believe how many pins it took!! Too big for Lily Chin's Blocking Wires!! Here you go...

AND! To twist or not to twist? That is no longer the question! You can do both.
(insert cheesy late night infomercial announcer here)
Don't you hate that second sock syndrome? Hate trying to remember what you made up for that first sock or glove? Now, with the revolutionary new method of "who cares,make it up again" you too can avoid that unpleasant sensation. The freedom! The whimsy! All yours for only $19.99.

I've also made another Russell the Sheep for a new baby cousin AND my brother and his wife had their second baby a few weeks ago. I made that little guy a sweater and a little elephant but totally failed to get pictures of the projects or of him. I'm going home this weekend and will try to rectify that and with the way I post, you'll see those pics around Thanksgiving!!