on a roll!!

The new sweater!! I had all the pieces done last spring/summer but it wasn't the weather for finishing a wool sweater:) Plus I've been daunted by the idea of a zipper. Wasn't sure my sewing machine could handle it and actually, an hour, a whole spool of thread and one bent needle later, I WAS SURE it couldn't handle it. In the hands of a more experienced sewer it might have worked. I mostly spent time trying to get the tension right on the machine, which wouldn't have taken so long with more familiarity with my machine. But even after the tension was right, I still couldn't keep it straight. All of that is really ironic of course because I thought the problem would be snagging the knitting but even after a dozen tries (really) the sweater itself showed no signs. Wool is the coolest stuff ever!!! "Want to put a machine driven needle through me a hundred times...no sweat baby"

Crazy for my new sweater!!

Before another month goes by...

I keep thinking, I'll finish this one more project and then I'll post them all, which is such a stupid thought in so many ways, not the least of which is I hate posting multiple items because it takes so long to up load them. It was just a creative procrastination technique obviously.

So, without further project completion (although, really, a zipper and a sleeve and there's two new sweaters to show!! ok ok, I'm posting, I'm posting).

The wedding gift blanket. It's ok that I finished it in October and didn't post it until 4 months later because giving it to them in October was 4 months later than the wedding. So at least I'm consistently untimely.

Christmas presents!!! Only two this year: Pierce's Sheldon and my cousin Natalie's Anemoi mittens. Nothing very exciting but you've got to admit, Sheldon's got the Snoopy dance goin' on!!!

I did design and knit a fingerless mitt/mitten combo for her too but only one is done. Of course, I think you've both seen it. I've been working on it so long that Abby had time to move back and Brandy's been to visit. Sheesh.