For your viewing pleasure:

I present the entrelac head wrap, also known as Quant. The yarn is something I picked up (for free!) at the first ever Winterthur S&B. It's made of soy. I love the colors, but I think I may have a slight soy allergy. I felt kind of weird every time I worked on this project. I have yet to wear it in the great outdoors, so can't make any comments on its actual utility. Perhaps tomorrow I will sport it while I journey to Philadelphia.
And the really exciting thing:
Interestingly, another object made of completely free (to me) yarn. The green is the yarn I received from Jen for my birthday last year. Her own homespun, made of...? Do you recall, Jen? I sure don't. It was great to knit with! It did make me a little nostalgic though. I kept thinking of all the times we used to knit at your house back in Bmore. The grey is from Knitpicks. One time, I ordered some yarn and needles from them and they sent me two of everything, even though I only paid for one. And they let me keep the extra stuff! I even called and tried to send it back to them. So thank you Jen and Knitpicks for providing me with the materials to create this awesomely warm cowel that will keep me comfortable in the library. I'm looking forward to next semester so that I can use it...

Proof that knitters have infiltrated the government

A newbie

Yes, Sam is now a knitter. Here she is, balling her first skein of yarn. Don't you just want to pinch her cheek?

Her first project is not a dish towel. It is Calorimetry, which does in fact require the use of short rows. Sam did wonderfully on that aspect, it was gauge that got her. Version 1, which I do not have a photo of, was...large. Way bigger than any head on earth. So she tore it out, took out 12 stitches (based on my precise measurements) and...still too big. Closer, but not functional. Photos are forthcoming, though I'm unsure if Sam will actually let me take a pic of her wearing it. I might have to step in as a model.
On my needles? Quant. In a wholly different colorway. Will be done with that soon.