The camera's debut!

So we finally entered the digital age with a digital camera. Merry Christmas to us! Merry Christmas to us!

Thus, this post contains pictures with actual details! Imagine that!

Remember these?!

"Up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!" (50 balls of left-over yarn from various projects to anyone who can name the children's musical that's from...come on Brandy, you got to start knowin' this stuff)

I give you the Pheonix sock

love it! made up the pattern with some help from a Nancy Bush pattern.

requisite gratuitous close-up just because I can

so two for the price of one really...the post shows both the crappy old sock project compared to the new good sock AND the crappy old camera picture with the new good camera which will hopefully actually get better! Those pictures are just with the thing straight out of the box just point and shoot. Imagine after I actually read the directions!!


burab said...

Great socks! And congrats on the new camera! I wish I had a nice FO to show off but I've only touched my knitting once since Turkey Day and that was only to move it from the living room (where it was using up valuable "academic sprawl" space) to my knitting basket. Do finals get better when you're the teacher? Just wondering...

burab said...

oh, and I know the answer, but only because I Googled it. I honestly don't remember that part of that musical...haven't seen it for a while though.

Brandy said...

Very nice socks and great pictures of the socks.

What kind of camera did you end up getting?

At first I thought I didn't have a clue on the musical, but then I began thinking about who would sing about ashes...I am guessing it is the chimney sweeper in Mary Poppins?

jeekeehoo said...

Brandy, your logic is impeccable but unfortunately wrong...but you are close. The same actor that plays the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins is the main character in this...

We had decided to buy a Canon A620 like you guys, but...they cannot be found!! I placed an order on a good website that had it for a reasonable price and they called to say they can't get the camera anymore, that there were 200 other people wanting the camera, and that if they ever did get any cameras, they'd get three or four and they'd cost more than they really should. Consumer Reports made them "gold" they said and then Canon, in it's infinite wisdom, discontinued them!! So we ended up with the new A630. So far we love it!!