I don't want Abby to think she's the only one knitting.

So we got back from the Christmas holidays and started to catch up. Then Caleb and Ellery got the flu. Then they got better and Caleb went out of town. Then Caleb got the offer from Rice and we walked around in a daze. And then Ellery got a cold. It's been an odd few weeks.

Anyway, in the midst of the flu misery I managed to get to Michaels and buy some organic cotton for a baby shower that was four days away. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I had to wing it. This is the result. It was done on time and I think the recipient liked it though I had to miss the shower itself to take care of my two patients.


burab said...

I was actually just thinking that... Lovely hat! Glad everyone is feeling better!

jeekeehoo said...

You all just wait...I have two sweaters, two hats, a pair of mittens, a scarf and a pair of slippers to show you...AND I knit them all this week!!

The hat is really cute. Congrats on the design. I like the little ridge. Single purl rows on stockinette make me happy!