it just ain't the same

Wanna take a yarn crawl?
yes. yes I do.

Off to The Mannings in PA. (SORRY! Total lack of picture taking brought on by a dozen spinning wheels to play with all in one room.)

Lunch at a great BBQ joint.
You mean I can have mac-and-cheese AND chili mixed together?!
yes. yes you can.

Can Woolstock still out sparkle Liberachi with its novelty yarn collection?
yes. yes it can.

Can you make three garden slugs in a single day if you're high on yarn fumes?

yes. yes you can.

Are yarn crawls the same without Brandy?!!

NO. NO they aren't.

Small consolation...I did finally get my Nantucket Jacket done in time to wear on the trip. Still would have been better with you there!!


burab said...

aww i had no idea you were taking a pic of me ordering my food! that mac/chili was amazing though.
As for the slugs, they are so cool! Great gift idea!
And I also want to echo the sadness of a yarn crawl without Brandy - we thought of you and missed you.

BrandyMcD said...

I'm sorry I missed it too darnit! Next time maybe your yarn crawl should bring you to Nancy's Knits on Braeswood in southwest Houston.

Those slugs are sooo adorable! As are all of you -- good to see your happy faces, even if only in photos.