Boob Toaster I and II

Sam found a really neat pattern for a "sontag" in a Geody's Ladies Book from late 19th century (I think, I could be really wrong on that date). So I made her one. As soon as she put it on, Alison yelled, "What's that? A boob toaster?" As you can see, the design lends itself to a toasty breast area, but that really isn't it's primary purpose. Alison's birthday was a few days ago, so I made her one, too. It is slightly more embellished than the original - mostly because I found the original to be hideously boring to knit.

Here it is laid out:

Oh yes, Jen. That's a crocheted border on the original. It had to have flair somewhere!
Per Alison's request, I'm attaching some braid ties so she she can close her's like Sam. These are becoming all the rage at the library (as you might imagine...). Very popular with us ultra-cool history nerds.


BrandyMcD said...

Those are really neat! And how awesome is it that you go to work and come home with knitting projects?!

jeekeehoo said...

Uhm...toasty. Actually I really think those are neat...even with the evil C. edging (can't even bring myself to type the word...ok actually I can't spell it, yes folks, my spelling is that bad).

Speaking of your work, how did the research on the spinning wheel turn out or was that a year long project - I can't remember. I'd love to hear about anything you found out since I saw you in Sept.

Brandy, I never did make Caleb Jones those wrist warmers. He really wanted ARM warmers and I thought I'd have time since he wasn't graduating for a year and then he moved. So I never even started them. Just recently the Yarn Harlot wanted a wrist warmer pattern so, as you can imagine, hundreds of people sent her ones and I think someone gathered them all in one place. Look back at her most recent posts and you should find them. (Ahem...some of that LYS money is also for coffee for you know who!)

I was in NC this past weekend with my friend Robin doing a spinning demonstration for her class of 2nd graders. I'll post about it as soon as she sends the pictures.

neuminous said...

Given the name of this post, the safest comment from me would probably be "no comment," but here I go.

I was curious about the name. (You're wearing a Sunday?) According to this page, Eric Partridge's book Name Into Word says that the Sontag is named for a 19C German soprano, Henriette Sontag.

And, no, her career was before Wagner and the brass-brassiere'd Valkyrie costumes, so that's not why she needed, uh, a cozy knitted -- thing.

I should also probably refrain from propagating the stereotype of sopranos (and/or Germans) as lacking a certain warmth of human kindness in their bosoms. But...well, it would explain Henriette's hypothermic thorax, yes?


neuminous said...

jeekeehoo said...
"(Ahem...some of that LYS money is also for coffee for you know who!)"



jeekeehoo said...

ah - a knitting blog novice in our midst -
neuminous, LYS is shorthand for Local Yarn Shop

neuminous said...
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neuminous said...

So Brandy's LYS is actually an LYC (local yarn cafe), or a LCwY (local cafe with yarn), or a LYaCS (local yarn and coffee shop). NIGI. TFCTU. (Now I've got it. Thanks for clearing that up.) >:)