Thanks Abby!

Dear Abby,
We were so excited to get your package in the mail the other day. I of course love the needle holder and am now that much more inspired to learn to knit socks. I think the LYS offers classes sometimes. And, as you can see, Ellery LOVES little Sheldon. He is such a cute turtle and you did a terrific job. I am truly posting the pictures so that everyone can admire your work, not just to show off Ellery.


burab said...

Sooooo cute! And I AM talking about Ellery. Sheldon is the perfect size! I'm so glad she likes him! (In case you haven't discovered this, you can take his shell off for washing.)
And good luck with socks - they are seriously my favorite thing to knit. When you go to your sock making class, you'll have the only wood needle case and everyone will be jealous. Mission accomplished!

BrandyMcD said...

No, I had NOT figured out the washing. How neat! If he was fun to knit, you should make that your "thing" that you do for kiddos. (Like Russell the sheep is becoming for Jen).

neuminous said...

Aw, baby Ellery is so cute with Sheldon the Turtle!
I'm not sure Jen's ready for the knitting of Russell-the-Sheeps to become a regular habit, but I could be wrong. ~m