does this really count against me?

Four projects out of seven and it's only been six weeks. That's not bad for my new year's resolution! Of course the four were the piddly little things - a sock here, a sleeve there. The three that are left are sweaters, none of which could be considered halfway there yet. Still another pair of socks is another pair of socks. These are off to my best friend in NC tomorrow!

I also have other finished goodies!

You can see it right?! I mean it's not just me that can see that yarn actually waving a sign that says "knit me". Right? RIGHT?!
Oh well. I just don't think this should count against me. Not only is it a project for my Grandma Nola, who by all accounts has had a difficult year, but with the completion of the mosaic sock I have NO small/travel project. You realize the magnitude of that statement surely. The other three "on needle new year's" projects are all big honkin' sweaters!!

So, really, just like with Macy's sheep, this cannot count against me.
(hmm, with justification powers like that it's truly surprising that I don't own 3 or 4 spinning wheels and have a separate house just for my yarn stash, ah, the pleasures of using my powers for good...)


Anonymous said...

sweet! that is some nice spinning!

burab said...

Haha! That's some great yarn! Nice socks too!
I have a FO to post but haven't gotten around to taking's coming soon, I promise.

BrandyMcD said...

I lovelovelove that yarn!