Valentine' (Snow) Day!!




Yes, the pheonix socks are done and on Valentine's no less...and why, you may ask, or you might not but humor me, am I finishing socks and posting to the blog in the middle of the work week!?! (insert drum roll here) IT'S A SNOW DAY! (cymbal crash!) Seriously, could Valentine's Day be any better than when spent in your jammies, loungin' about the house with your true love...and, no, I don't mean knitting! Although, what makes him my true love is that he's ok with me knitting on Valentine's. He's also my true love for the following. I know it doesn't have anything to do with fiber but, come on, a mini purple, sparkle lava lamp that runs on your USB drive? See, it's plugged into my computer. That's SO cool!! The array of yummy lotions in the back and the candle are also from him. As soon as they invent smell-o-vision I'll let you experience how yummy! I'd tell you that the inside of the little card says "To the LAVA my life" but I'm sure you don't want to know how silly we are.


burab said...

Beautiful socks, Jen! What's the dealie with that rib? Cable? Seed stitch? I can't tell in the pics.
Mark was always so punny. Hehehe. I think you and Mark are the only people who've ever rivaled me in my love for puns (I keep A LOT of them to myself as a result of ridicule). Plus, that lava lamp is hot stuff. Where'd he get that? Not that I'm going to buy one...but still, just out of curiosity.
We had yesterday off too, but thanks to a non-strategic snow plowing plan my car is STUCK. Grrr.

jeekeehoo said...

The lava lamp is from and it was under 10 bucks!! You know you can't resist:-) It comes in other colors too...

I'm with you on the snow plowing. I had to call AAA once to get me out. Really embarassing- the roads totally clear for days but my little car surrounded by mounds of ice where the plows had pushed the snow!

jeekeehoo said...

Oops, I forgot to say that the rib is modified from a Nancy Bush book. It's a 5X3 rib but with a kind of seed stitch. You do two rounds purl 3 and then two rounds p1k1p1 (in between the k5). Gee that seems hard to explain. Here!

Round 1 and 2: K5, P3
Round 3 and 4: K5, P1, K1, P1

so easy to memorize/do and yet so intricate looking when done!

BrandyMcD said...

I am sooo glad you got your snow day. And it looks like a very productive one at that.

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