Two! Two knitting projects done..ha ha ha ha!

(Of course the title only works if you insert huge lightning flashes complete with thunder and Kermit or some other muppet looking around wildly while the Count continues to laugh!)

Here's the second of seven off the needles! I'm happy with the result. I don't really like variegated yarns too much. Of course I say that but keep buying them and knitting them anyway! Here's the new shawl out in our modest excuse for a snowstorm (they still closed the schools, the wimps! not the University of course, but the schools)

Here it is coming in to get warm! It really does have a lovely open drapey feel to it. I like it.

OK, so here's the really interesting bit. This is the same shawl that Brandy made her mother that Christmas, you know the project that must not be named because of you know what in the you know which in the middle of the night. So I lay out my soppy wet shawl to block it Sunday and what do I see...wait for it...a dropped stitch about twelve inches back!! I'm not kidding you. I really should have taken a picture to prove it. Mark witnessed it. I guess I didn't take a picture because I was laughing too hard to keep a camera steady!! The project is cursed, that's all there is to it!

TWO AND a's the first sock for my friend Robin finished too. It's not a wonky as it looks when you get it on!


neuminous said...

Why is that shrubbery wearing a shawl? (Just teasing - beautiful work, Jen!)

burab said...

Cursed shawl? Sounds like a challenge. I like a challenge...
Ok, so I wasn't going to tell anyone this (just in case I failed), but I have to spill: I'm on a yarn fast. No yarn will be purchased during this month by me. I had to save money for things like books. Sad, I know.
So back the the cursed shawl, I love a challenge but that's not going to be on the list of projects to do any time soon. I've got a queue and it's about 20 projects long! Ahhh poverty!

BrandyMcD said...

So my question is, what did you DO about the dropped stitch? I assume you didn't go in all puffy-eyed to the LEvilYS.

jeekeehoo said...

Correct, I did not darken the LEYS door! Since it wasn't an emergency, it would take more than a dropped stitch to get me there. I just picked up the stitch with a crochet hook (see, they're good for something) and brought that stitch up to the cast off. I then undid the cast off back to that stitch and cast off again, including it. Isn't that what they did for you? You can kind of see it because those three stitches are "closer" together than all the others but it's really hard to notice unless you lay it out. I just didn't have the heart to reknit that last foot of shawl when I can't cast on anything until all these projects are done!!