get yer fiber

This should take care of my daily dose for a while at least!
This past Sunday I took a dyeing class from my friend Erin of MamaE's C*eye*ber Fiber. She is wonderful and the class was a blast. I've bought several of her rovings including the one I spun up for that shrug back in Oct. I came home with all this wonderful fiber as well as two skeins of sock yarn. She let us try Kool-Aid, Wilton food coloring, and then the serious acid professional dyes. The knowledge I gained was great but most importantly the memories of such a fun day are priceless. Erin's studio is fantastic, so cozy and inviting, and that wasn't only because it snowed all day. Yes, I got to play with fiber and watch it snow. all. day.

This was done with the Wilton dye. I had hoped for something darker. I used brown, copper, and orange but I like it.

My first solo attempts with the acid dyes.

I must say, however, that these are my favorites only because I had so little hope for them. I took some horrible pink roving which Mark always referred to as "the intestines" with me thinking it would be a good lesson for "overdyeing" or re-dyeing something already dyed. I had no expectations that I could make it look pretty. I'm not really good with color and this being my first real dye experience I figured I'd mess it up royally. Yet, behold! With some advice and encouragement from my wonderful teacher Erin, I lOVE what I got!!

The really interesting thing will be to see if it spins up anything like what I think it might! The saga will continue...


BrandyMcD said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Everything looks great. The last is my favorite.

burab said...

The rovings look great! I (surprisingly) really like the yellow and pink. You guys are posting so much! I need to get in there with some updates...I have some, they just haven't been posted yet.

Kathleen said...

They all look so good when fully dried!

I did the ball winder thing on my six last night. I'll be swatching this week to see how it knits up!

Can't wait to see how yours develop.

cjmonkey said...

I like the intestinal-dyed yarn. Really pretty combination of colors! And that orange/copper combo that turned out kind of pastel is really, really beautiful, too.

By the way, I may be emailing/calling you for some help on that blue scarf I started.... I seem to have forgotten something, or at least, I'm afraid to try and then mess up and have it wait until I see you again.