Mittens go for a drive and socks work out

I was a little bored in Ohio. Enjoy.
Also, this post was supposed to be a lot more complex but Blogger won't let me upload all the pics I want. :-(

I made Angela a pair of mohair/wool mittens by holding some wonderfully red mohair with some black sock yarn. The finished product is delightfully stretchy and (hopefully) warm (hasn't been cold enough to really test them). The mittens wanted to drive the VW, who was I to object? Luckily I had my camera on hand.

Mom got a pair of socks made from a wool/nylon blend. I think I bought the yarn at Sheep and Wool last year. Mom also got a new exercise bike thingy and the socks really wanted to try it out (they were kind of big and can stand to lose some weight). Look at them go... The socks also used the treadmill and the eliptical, but those pics are unavailable, thanks to Blogger.

Oh, the mittens also learned to play the guitar, that pic is unavailable (it didn't turn out very well anyway) as well.


jeekeehoo said...

(What is with blogger and photos? For all their "we're outta beta" talk, the photo uploads sure aren't working well! In fact, everything is a bit slow)

Love the post! Very clever! The mittens look great. Was that red yarn what you bought in Cheasapeake City? We should do that again when spring comes...which will be around the second week of Feb. I know everyone on the planet should be upset about global warming but people who express their love by wrapping loved ones in warm knitting should be allowed to feel just a tiny little extra sad...unless they live in Denver of course where there are buckets of snow and they need all the knitwear they can get!!

Brandy said...

Have you gotten your mom to actually wear the socks yet or is the bike the closest they have gotten?

Um, I think if I sent you JUST the snow that is still on our street you could get school cancelled for a week. It's not near as much fun when you don't have an apartment company that shovels for you and you don't get a day "off." (I tried telling Ellery no pooping or crying for the day, but she didn't go for it.)