sheep for Christmas

It sings or rather bah's "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" too! Can't get better than that. (Sorry the picture's blurry-it's the only one I have)
But it wasnt' just me. When Max unwrapped his present he also found a sheep! He loved his just as much as I loved mine. Of course I didn't immediately chew the nose off of my sheep but everyone expresses love in their own way.

I love this last one because you can see he is playing so hard his ears are flying! He even still has ribbon wrapped around his leg!

I did get other fibery related Christmas gifts: a Barbara Walker treasury I didn't have from Mom/Dad, some knitpicks yarn from sis-in-law Carolyn, a ball winder from Mark's brother, and several nice things from Mark's mom and dad like a blocking board, new needles, and a magnetic board to hold patterns. I'd take a picture of the haul but honestly we're still unpacking (do not shame me, I am embarrassed enough already!)

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