What next?

So now that Christmas is over, I only have one project going: the cable 8 tank top. I am looking forward to getting back to it, though I have to wait till I have some time to sit and figure it out because I (I can hear Jen sigh all the way here) put it down without noting where I was in the pattern AGAIN. I promise I didn't mean to. I think the phone rang or something like that and I didn't get to pick it back up. After I finish it I would like to attempt the Portland Pullover from the Fall 06 Knits.

So anyway, I like to have an easier project to work on too. A scarf would be the obvious choice but I'm just not feeling inspired. One thing I saw was the coffee cozy on page 41 of knitpicks. I know it sounds totally dorky but I think it is just the thing my parents would like. They seriously take extra paper cozies from Starbucks and keep them in their car for when they get caught without one. The problem is that the free pattern knitpicks offers is fair isle, which I have no interest in attempting. But can't I just adapt the pattern? What I don't understand is that by looking at the chart you increase beginning on row 1. Why? Maybe one of you could take a look at the pattern for me? (enter 50517 at their website www.knitpicks.com)

The other thing is that Caleb's office down in our basement is very cold and he could use some wristwarmers. Jen, did you ever make some for Caleb Jones? If so, I would love the pattern.

So I've got lots of options, and a little money to spend at the LYS (ahem...). Now I just need a little free time. Things will slow down for Caleb next week so I am looking forward to some knitting soon.

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