New Year's Resolutions or...

Pie crust promises? Only time will tell.

As I take stock of this past year (and yes I do think about more than just the knitting of the past year but that's a different story), I am forced to face the fact that I am an unfaithful knitter but more importantly, an unhappy unfaithful knitter:-( I can't seem to stop jumping into new projects when I'm not done with others and when I know this will drive me crazy. Having lots of loose ends (ha! punny) in any part of my life tend to get me nervous.

So why don't I stop doing it...So ok, resolution one: no more than two or three projects started at a time. I like that because I do think it's fun to be able to switch between a few projects, have one that can travel easily, one for the couch, etc. but not overwhelming or embarrassing like the number of projects on needles at the moment. Last year I finished 31 projects, including everthing from lace curtains to dish rags to stuffed sheep and dogs. However, the dregs of the year add up to SEVEN! AHA and they're all driving me crazy. To some this may seem paltry. I know the Harlot does this much in a week for Christmas. I actually was surprised it wasn't more but for me, it's too much! So perhaps chronicling the sad state of affairs will help me keep not only resolution one but resolution two (here's the biggy): I won't start any new projects until all seven of these are done!! Whew! I said it.

Ladies, I present to you the first seven knitting projects of 2007!
From smallest to biggest/most complete:
Mosaic socks made with yarn all the way from Zimbabwe where yarn enough for two pairs of socks costs $140,000.00 (yes that's the right number of zeros:-(

NOT PICTURED: insert picture of the second Pheonix sock. It'll look just like the one you've already seen providing I can remember what I did! It's not even on the needles yet but since one sock is completed I feel like this is a started project.

The Morehouse Merino scarf which I loved at the time I started in May and which I slowly hate more and more as each unending row crawls by.

Don't even know quite what this is. guessin' sweater.

The beginnings of the red/orange handspun. GOT to get this done soon because Carolyn surprised me with beautiful hand made glass earrings for Christmas to match the sweater just because she'd seen on the blog that I was making it! Isn't that the most thoughtful thing. (Hi Carolyn!)

Remember this? MDSW in'05? maybe? started this past summer and it always gets pushed aside

Worst of all cause it's been on the needles so long (but closest to done). Started this back in the spring. Geeze. Sleeves are all it needs but I have a sinking feeling that I'm running out of yarn and I used a discontinued Debbie Bliss. It will be so sad when the first project of 2007 can't be finished for lack of yarn.

Not so bad I guess, even the projects that have lingered for months. Actually, one of the things I like about knitting and spinning is that it takes time. In a world of instant everything, projects that actually take time are grounding. I've often thought about ages past where time was marked by seasons as the smallest unit, not seconds. Part of me longs for that and knitting speaks to that part. I have to plan now for things I might want to wear next fall and that large scale is connecting and comforting.

Knitting stock taken, resolutions drawn, and now...the spinning...


neuminous said...

Hi, Jeek. Enjoyed reading the post. Beautiful work, as always. Proud of 'ya. ;)

burab said...

good luck with that. I don't make New Years resolutions, but I hope you are able to keep yours! I'm heading back to Delaware soon, I'll post once I get there.

Brandy said...

I'm not sure what I am more jealous of -- the fact that you knitted that much or that you got that much blog posting done.

I HAVE actually gotten some knitting done, but just haven't gotten around to posting.

cjmonkey said...

Hi, Jen! Thanks for the references to me... makes me feel like a part of the group! Now that I have finished knitting 2 - no, make that 3 - dish cloths, and have 2 scarves in-process, I'm gaining more confidence. Now if I can only remember how to purl.... I may be emailing you for help! :-)