the power of the blog

Oh yeah baby!! This blog thing is going to be good for me. Look at that! Three, count 'em, three FOs (finished objects:-) in just one day. I could feel the pressure of the blog already and it's only been one day since I got on! Of course we won't discuss how many UFO I have around here OR how long I've been working on some of them. Why would we want to spoil such a success with the facts!

These scarves are dead fast to knit up though and I have been working on the pink one since Tuesday and the multicolored one since yesterday. You can't see the pink one very well. It was made with various pink scraps I had (can you tell I have a niece that loves pink?!), knitted longways in stripes. Each time I changed color I left long ends for fringe and added more fringe later. I also used some of that ribbon yarn I had left over from the *crochet* wrap I made (*am I allowed to use that word on the "knitting tracker", come on Abby you know you want to show us your crochet stuff too!!). The other two are from Lion Brand Homespun of the Cookie Monster Pants fame. I taught a lady at work to knit and she gave me a gift card to Michael's which I finally used. You have got to love that...actually getting rewarded for corrupting people into knitting!! Anyway all three of the scarves, and hopefully more, are going to Zimbabwe with Robin. She's planned a rather spur of the moment ttrip to see her family because she hasn't been in nearly 3 years. I wanted to send some knitted things because it's winter there. She leaves nearly right away so I have to finish these soon. (i.e. don't get use to this rate of FOs!!)

I leave you with the one on the way. Hopefully I'll have it done before bed!

p.s. I found the spell check but was too lazy/excited to post to use it!!

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burab said...

Haha! Knitting in nature, I love the pics. For now, mine are going to be inside because I forgot my camera cable in Balto and have to use my webam as my camera.
My projets will be up later...