I've been busy!

I've had lots of time to knit now that school is out. My goal was to finish the scarf before starting the baby blanket. I finished it today! Here it is:

and, here it is being modeled by a pregnant lady after a nap (no snickers please):

It really took me longer than I expected it but I like the way it turned out. Anyway, after I finished admiring it I promptly put it away with the other winter scarves. I can't wait for a chilly day to show it off!

Having finished the scarf, I could now start the baby blanket. Here's the cast-on with the first three knitted rows. This way when I see Jen tomorrow we can get started right away on learning the color change. (I already checked and Elizabeth Zimmerman doesn't tell us how.)

Finally, am I allowed some small baby talk on this blog? They say that babies move most at night because during the day our movements rock the baby to sleep. That seems strange to me, but it seems true. It is also true that Jen's tea and tiramisu tend to make the baby very active -- can't imagine why! Anyway, the baby seems very still while I knit. I guess it is enough movement to put it to sleep. Or maybe the baby is already learning to be quiet when mommy is counting rows? One can always hope right?


burab said...

You are most definitely allowed baby updates. They are welcome and expected.
The scarf looks great, I love the way it turned out!
Sorry I'll miss you while I'm passing through. Maybe we can get together in July sometime if you aren't too busy...(now there's something to snicker about!)

jeekeehoo said...

I know I told you yesterday but it's worth repeating that the scarf is definitely wonderful. I love when necessity ends up not only inventing something, but inventing something adorable!!

I second the baby updates as being expected!! I had no idea that your movements could soothe them to sleep. O,h the power of knitting. And I'm sure the baby will learn that when mommy's knitting they should go do lovely little adorable baby things angelically, silently, serenely on their own (snicker snicker snicker...)