Felted Bag

So, here is the felted bag that I've been craving for so long. I bought the yarn and pattern at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in early May, 2006. It is probably one of the easiest projects I've ever done, it knitted up fast and as it became more bag-like I didn't even have to carry my knitting tote...I just stored everything in the bag itself!
I did make one change (on purpose) to the pattern - I added an interior pocket for my cell phone, pens, and wallet. I plan on using it to carry notebooks and books for classes next semester.
I'm still hanging out in Ohio. I'll be moving to DE on July 1, so maybe we'll stop in for church that Sunday...it depends on how the moving process goes. Plus, my parents will probably want to go to the new church in DE with me to check it out.
Oh, here's the yarn Angela brought back from South America:


jeekeehoo said...

The bag is GREAT!!! I love felted projects - so fast, so forgiving, so fun! The internal pocket was a fantastic idea. Let us know how it works this Fall.

I would so love to see you on July 1st at church but we'll probably already be gone for the 4th in Fairview. I'll wave as we pass each other on the road!

It's probably best because I still don't have your graduation present finished. I'm working on it...

Be sure to email your address in DE as soon as you have it!

jeekeehoo said...

p.s. The South American yarn looks soft and yummy. Any idea what the fiber is? Have you started working with that green yarn from our Bel Air trip yet?

burab said...

It's alpaca and synthetic boucle yarn. I only got one skein, I'll try to make a scarf for Ang out of it.
I have not worked with the green Rowan yarn yet, I bought some contrasting yarn off eBay pretty cheap so I'm envisioning some sort of stripe pattern sweater. I now have 16 skeins total so that should be more than enough for an Abby-sized sweater :-)
It just occurred to me that maybe you're referring to the green ribbon yarn I bought...haven't worked with that yet either. I kind of forgot I had it... Sounds like a quick scarf for this evening's knitting time. Well, now that I have something to do tonight, time to go!

jeekeehoo said...

Well I had forgotten about the green ribbon yarn too!! Don't you love that feeling of remembering a great project that you had forgotten!!! I wish I was knitting tonight. I'm on break from my class - wait what am I saying, I knit during class...well at least during the screening while they're watching the film!!

Brandy said...

I forgot about the green yarn too! Oh it was so pretty!

Also, Abby why in the world do you have a webcam?