Hot summer weather got you down? Make an alpaca sweater...

That is the provisional cast on for my sleeve after two botched attempts at getting both the provisional part right and the number of cast on stitches right. Usually, when I have a pattern I try to do things the way they say. In this case, I went with their provisional cast on instead of one that I find to be easier, a crocheted cast on. Obviously, I should have just stuck with good ol' crochet. Here's the beginning of the sleeve after I reverted to the crocheted cast on:
In other happy news, my mom tells me that there is a farm just a few miles from here that sells alpaca yarn. I haven't made it over there yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list. I'll post results from that shopping spree when I have them. Also, I don't think I told you that I got a car! It's a 2003 Jetta, black with leather interior and sunroof. A very nice car, way nicer than I ever imagined I would get but it only has 32,000 miles on it and has like 3 years of factory warranty left. My parents were willing to pay more for the added peace of mind since I'm living so far away. It's a wonderful car, I really love it. Pictures will be posted probably at the same time as my new apartment pics. Ok, one last thing. I'll be in Balto on June 30 and maybe even the 29th if you guys are going to be around. I'm moving on the 1st so the days before it I'm just going to close up my bank accounts and make sure everything is packed and ready to go. That's it for now - I've been planting flowers and painting all day and I am BEAT. Time for a shower and bed!


burab said...

I fixed the time zone. It should be all good until Brandy moves to Timbuktu...I mean Colorado...then her posts will be off I think.

jeekeehoo said...

Hi! Sorry it took so long to comment. First our internet service at home stinks and second I decided to sneak home Sunday morning and surprise my dad for Father's Day (Mom and Dad just have dial up and my new laptop is so snooty it doesn't even have a phone jack, dial up is beneath it apparently:-) Thanks for fixing the time zone thing. You're two pictures are so cute! Very descriptive of how frustrating problems with cast on can be! Is this the alpaca yarn from South America? I didn't think there was enough for a sweater. Are you using it with something else?

I've had those moments when someone actually says something like "the farm down the road sells alpaca yarn"....but then I always wake up! You'll have to tell us if it's as good as the dream or not.

The car sounds fantastic! I'm really glad they wanted you to have something reliable and nice. I can't wait to see it. We will be here next week on the 29th/30th. We're leaving for WV/TN/AL the next day but we'll be around. I teach that Thursday night but won't be holding a full class because they are taking the final. It will be nice to see you and hopefully I'll have at least part of you present to give you.

I gave my Aunt the bathmat but there is someone staying in the house already. They're planning on using it kind of like a bed and breakfast where people can rent it for the night or for parties/reunions. Our church has an "intern" minister for the summer and he's staying there now. So no pictures of it actually in the bathroom. Rhonda claimed she would use the mat (something she hasn't always done with my presents - she still has a pair of mittens hanging in her bedroom that she refuses to wear because they are "art") but she also said she is planning to sleep with it until the preacher leaves!! Oh well!

Brandy said...

Thanks for the fix.

Your cast-on looks good to me!

Unfortunately I won't be here when you come through town; I'll be in Texas.