does this count?!

Don't know why I feel the need to post these two projects; I've had them done for several months now. I might have even showed you both the little purple one; it's been done since January. I'm afraid it looks rather gray in the picture. But I was really proud to get it off the needles because I had started it when we still lived in the Hawthorne house. It's Debbie Bliss and it's Baby Cashmerino which I have a deep and abiding love for that cannot be spoken.

The little sleeveless top was for my cousin Terry and his wife Sonya. I had it done at Easter and even took it home to leave for Mom to take to Sonya's shower but then had this idea that I wanted a book or a cute pair of tights or panties to go with it and brought it home. The shower was the same week's as my brother's wife's (Loree's) shower but did I remember to take it then? Did I remember to mail it as soon as I got back here? Did the baby come and I still hadn't given them the present that had been finished for months? Only one of those three questions has an affirmative answer...I'll let ya' figure it out.

I have pictures from Loree's shower with the knitted gifts. I'd like to post the one of the little dog because when I showed it to you guys it didn't look much like the finished pup! I'm going to try to learn how our scanner works and see if I can scan in the picture and post it. Making this blog declaration will pressure me to do it!

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