I'm here!

Hey Abby!
Thanks for setting this up. Jen threw her invite away because she didn't know it was from you. You'll have to send her another one. Shame on her!

I am still working on the scarf and have made a lot of progress. I got slowed down week before last because I started getting carpal tunnel in one of my knuckles (a pregnancy thing). More later...

Edited to update: ACK! I didn't see all the new posts until now. You gals are already going full steam! Sorry it took me so long. It's been kinda nuts with closing up my room and everything, but I am totally finished teaching now. I'm not sure what to think about that!

The pressure is completely on for me to finish something and post a picture, but of course Caleb has the camera in Colorado right now so that buys me a little time.

By the way, what's with the multiple deleted comments further down the page?


burab said...

Wow, why are you awake at 4:40 am? That's insane. Today, I woke up at 9 and that is seriously a record in terms of early wakefulness. I'm averaging 10:30 as a wake up time and noon as the time when I actually start to function.
I think the deleted comments are a result of one comment being posted like 7 times on accident.
If Caleb sends you pictures of your new house, make sure you post them! I'll be posting my apartment pics after I move in, first week of July. Do you have a move date yet?

Brandy said...

I noticed it said 4:40 when I posted -- it must be set on pacific time or something. I didn't wake up until 6:40 today!

We'll have a move-in date when we have a move-in place.

jeekeehoo said...

Hi ya Brandy!!! Nice to see you here! I know closing up must have come with lots of mixed emotions. Even when I was packing up my classroom in GA to come here I felt conflicted and I HATED doing therapy and wasn't very found of Atlanta either! So I know it must have been difficult. Sorry about the multiple posts further down. We're having stupid problems with our home internet provider so I ended up putting the same message on several times. Here's my question...why let you delete a comment if it's not actually going to take away the place where you commented?! What's with that?!

Yeah, the time thing is definitely a different zone. You can alter it for the posts I noticed but I didn't find anyway to alter them for comments. Right now it is 9pm but I'm sure it will say 6pm. It seems to be three hrs behind.

Went and saw Cars today. Can't say enough great things about it! Super fun and that's coming from someone who thought she wouldn't like it based on the previews. It looked kinda stupid and, granted the story is a tried and true formula but I lOVED it!

Brandy, let us know how Caleb is doing and if he's having any luck!!