Pie crust promises...

...they're easily made and easily broken. So I spent my time finishing this bathmat instead of figuring out the scanner! Oh well, I'll do it sometime. I wanted this done because it is for my Aunt Rhonda's newly restored 1800's farm house and I will hopefully see her and the house again this Sunday. The bath is fantastic, complete with an old tub and great tile. This mat should go nicely. I'll take a picture of it "installed" so you can see how it looks.

Doesn't that just look yummy?! Can't you just feel your wet warm toes wiggling in that after a hot bath! Made from 100% pure cotton - absorbent absorbent absorbent! So thirsty just looking at it makes me want a drink...ok I'm sounding like an ad executive so I'm going to quit.

Hey Max, off the bathmat already!!!
Who me?!

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Brandy said...

Oh, I just want to curl up and sleep on it! Looks great Jen.

For the record, I am commenting at 12:22am. I guess I have gotten into the summer grove pretty quickly. Plus I'm waiting for Caleb to call.