Spring Break (and other forces of nature)

So this is how our Spring Break started...or rather didn't start. We decided to delay departure for a day because while Baltimore was getting two inches of this nasty ice pellet stuff, the mountains between here and home were getting six inches of honest to goodness snow. SNOW!!! IN MARCH!! It's SPRING people! Not that I was bitter about loosing a day at home or anything...and ok, so the drive on Saturday was beautiful and maybe it gave me a chance to grade a bunch of midterms that I didn't have to take home but...still, SPRING break.

I have terrible news to report. Not only did I engage in little to no knitting over break, I actually performed major unknitting that brought my total for the week to well below "no knitting" and into "subtotal knitting." And this, dear friends, leads me to an announcement. I give on the New Year's resolution. MUST. CAST. ON.

Before thou doest shame me, consider...I've finished all but three of the projects. One of the projects now looks like this because it sucked. That was the unknitting from break. We'll just sit on that a while. So no project here.

So, now I've finished all but two of the projects. TWO projects, that's as near to nothing as makes no odds in the world of knitting. Plus the orange thing has hit a point where I'm not sure what I want. Long sleeves, no sleeves, short sleeves...and I don't think the answer is coming anytime soon.

So, that just leaves the creamy cardi. It's done to the arm holes with a sleeve started and while I love it, it. is. like. dragging. through. mud. to. knit.

Thus, I now conclude the resolution DONE. I've learned my lesson about having a zillion things on needles and wasn't that the point. Don't we all feel better about ourselves, group hug! Thus, I'm casting on like a crazy woman - just watch me. Already finished a sock this week, next one cast on too. The picture makes it look a lot like the pheonix sock but it is different, really!

And the spinning...ah, I love spinning. No resolutions in sight!

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burab said...

Can't criticize that logic! Love the spinning, looks great!