Are bluebonnets a fiber?

I mean, they're the state flower and all...

Actually I can work a little craft talk in here. We have a lot of blankets for Ellery. And most of them are ones that special people made. We try to rotate them out frequently but really there are many more than we can ever use. The one she is sitting on in this picture (see! a connection! yay for me!) is actually a sheet. My sister's best friend that goes with us every July 4th made it out of really light material. I never realized how handy it would be. Babies do not need heavy blankets every minute. I mean, here we are in Texas springtime. Carting around a bulky blanket in her bag is useless but this lightweight one takes up no room and still serves the purpose of something for her to sit on, cover up for nursing, wrap her for a nap in the stroller, etc. These are the things you don't know until you actually have a baby.

In other news, I had decided to make my sister's new baby due in August a hat like Ellery's. I was planning on this because 1) see above note on blankets 2) it was fun to knit and 3) it doesn't take a long time. Then I got an email from my sister that said

message from the new baby: Aunt Brandy, will you please knit me a BLUE blanket?

Now this was actually my sister's way of telling me she is having a boy! (Another one! They will be almost exactly two years apart. Start praying for her now.) But of course the note also made me wonder if maybe she wants a blanket. Then, when I was in Texas last week she told me how she puts the one I made Magnus in his crib every night.

So I'll be looking for a quick blanket pattern I think.

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jeekeehoo said...

she is so beautiful I can't wait to meet her:-)!!

there are lots of fun chunky baby yarns that make fast blankets in a hurry, the problem is that they aren't going to be the light-weight kind you're finding so useful

did I mention that I can't wait to meet her!?! oh and I'll be happy to see you too