The Yarn Harlot came, and I missed her.

It was a sad story, let me tell you. She was in Pittsburgh AND Cleveland while I was at home and I failed to see her in either place because I was too busy. Shame on me. I did get some knitting done while at home though:
Sheldon Deux. A friend from elementary/middle/high school is having a baby soon so I whipped up a little turtle. You were right Brandy, I:turtle::Jen:sheep. Eat that, SATs. The baby should be coming soon, it's supposed to be a boy and his parents are very nervous/excited/sick of being pregnant. It's their first.
I meant to email you guys a family update but never got around to it so here's something brief: Mom is coming home from rehab today (!) and will be home until she is cleared to put more weight on her pelvis. When that happens, she might go back to the rehab center or she might get to stay home. Everyone else is doing fine, especially me since (thanks to you guys and the church) I don't have to worry about how to pay for all my travel I've been doing lately.
I'm coming down to Bmore for alumni weekend (April 20-22) and will be at church that Sunday.


jeekeehoo said...

Sheesh, you're both bums and unworthy. If you can't be responsible enough to go see the Harlot when she's comin' right to ya, you should have GOOD reasons, like alien abductions. Actually, I thought about going over home for the weekend last week so I could run up to Pittsburgh to see her, but we'd been home the week before for break and we're going this weekend for Easter. Plus it was my spinning meeting and we were supposed to bring food to celebrate Eunny getting the Knits job...So, basically I'm a slacker too.

I love Sheldon the Turtle so very much!! Is it your own design? 'Cause I can hardly resist wanting to knit him...don't tell Russell the Sheep.

I'm really glad to hear that your mom came home yesterday. Everyone at church last night was asking for an update and I felt bad that I hadn't checked-in recently.

I'm so excited to see you in just two weeks and then Brandy/Caleb/Ellery come the weekend after!! WOW! Will you be coming back to see them and/or go to Sheep and Wool? I know you must be worn out with all the traveling!

BrandyMcD said...

Your post really made me laugh! Did you enjoy knitting the same thing twice?