Reunited and it feels soooo good!

What a great day! It's been several months (almost a year!) since we've all been together and we've had an addition since then. It was awesome to be together again and to meet Ellery! I held her and she didn't cry, that makes her good in my book (she was good before, but she's really cemented in there now). Had a great lunch and then hpped into Vulcan's Rest where I bought:

Yeah, I've been fasting for a while so I went a little crazy. The book is fabulous, I want to make a good number of the things within. The yarn I bought is cotton, made in Chile. I'm making a tube top from the book (don't worry..I'll put straps on it). Also got some pretty stitch markers because they make knitting just a little more fancy.


jeekeehoo said...

I'm loving how that cotton is knitting up. When I like varigated I like it like that! Vague I know - I'm really still trying to define my relationship with varigated yarn!

Thanks for the picture of us too!! What a great day, except you're in trouble for making me sing that Peaches and Herb song all least it got "John Brown's Body" out of my head...ask Caleb

BrandyMcD said...

Oh yeah, it looks really nice. I assume that is a swatch for gauge. Otherwise that tube top is going to be awfully snug.

Thanks for the picture!