cast on and on and on

So in addition to all having the exact same lunch order, Abby and I also bought the same book AND both started a new project from the book immediately!

But for me this was merely the continuation of my new found cast-on rampage. It all started...

Once again, the lure of the homespun calls me and I can not refuse!!

So the little black socks are left in the dust but it doesn't stop there. I also started a "reknit" project. (Did you really think the ripping would stop? But I did decide to spare you the carnage of the ripped yarn and just show the rebirth. This was that little tank top from two summers ago. You probably don't remember it because I rarely wore it! Much too big for me.)

AND cast on a surprise project that will not be revealed at this stage (since actually the appropriate term is really "potential project" not so much a surprise. In fact the surprise will be if it ever becomes a real project!!)

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BrandyMcD said...

A suprise project? My imagination is going wild! I hope it works out. I have full confidence in you.