Consolation Prizes

What to do when your friends are far away at MDSW without you? Go on your own yarn adventure of course. Saturday I attended a baby shower way out in the suburbs. Before I went out there I looked up a yarn shop not far from the hostess's house (thank you Google Maps!). I wished I had my camera when I got there because it is in a strip center with a big sign that just says YARN really big. They didn't have anything I liked for the baby blanket but they did have this VARIGATED mercenized cotton. So I think I will make another attempt at the linen weave belt later.

Then, as if missing MDSW wasn't bad enough, on Monday I find out that Gilmore Girls has been cancelled! Okay, I know it was time as the show was going downhill, but since they didn't make the decision until after the last episode was filmed I know it is going to have one of those no-closure post-modern type endings I hate. So, to cheer myself up I headed out to the Lamb Shoppe (thank you Dad the Babysitter!). They were most helpful and though I did not find a "print" to use as the contrasting yarn, I'm hoping the ends will be easier when I'm doing garter stitch instead of seed. Besides I just looooved the feel of this baby alpaca. I hope it wears well.


jeekeehoo said...

The YARN sign cracked me up even without a picture. It reminds me of my favorite Mexican place in Alabama - for years they just had a big, hand-painted sign that said MEXICAN FOOD. You know it's gonna be good!

I love the yarns too, all of them, but the baby alpaca looks so wonderful I keep trying to touch the screen thinking surely I can feel it!! I hope the baby blanket turns out like you want it too!! Keep us "posted" - HA!

burab said...

Nice picks. The baby alpaca especially. I think all infants should have baby alpaca their will make them less cranky.
Also, that was Builder Bob in the last post. Great guy, huh?