I know I already described to you guys, but it's really worth actually seeing. And since we are here, on the 2nd day of the world without Gilmore Girls, there might be someone who needs a smile.


burab said...

Wow, I didn't know you liked Gilmore Girls that much. Woolverine is hilarious!
I'm making progress on my tube top/tank top but these pesky final papers are getting in the way. I keep waiting for the deadline to pass so I don't have to mess with them anymore but today it occurred to me that I could write them, and then they'd be done and I could knit again BEFORE the due dates. Hmmm...I'm considering that as an option. How's your Fitted Knit coming?

jeekeehoo said...

I wasn't actually talking about myself for the Gilmore Girls...I would tell you that I've never even seen a show but the Denver contingent might disown me, so I won't mention it.

You know, READING all those final papers does just as much to screw with one's Fitted Knit knitting! I will have an update later though!!