St. Pat's Purchases

Now that the weather is better we are out and about all the time. I've been itching to get to the LYS and use my gift certificate. Then I got an email from them that on St. Paddy's day all yarn with green in it was 15% off. That was all the push I needed. I don't think I've knitted with green yarn before.

I made these purchases (in addition to size 2 needles I forgot to include in the photo). The "apple" yarn is a cotton I am using for a belt. The pattern has some new stitches I haven't done but is obviously just the same thing repeated, so I figured it is the perfect project for me right now. The green yarn I will use for a basic scarf; I don't have a pattern yet but it just looked fun to work with.

And now you are thinking, "What? an entire post without pictures of Ellery?!?" Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint. So here is Ellery with her Dad at the LYS.


burab said...

I'm glad you guys are able to get out and about now. We got hit with this random sleet storm a few days ago, but it's warming up again, just in time for me to go back to Ohio (where it's still cold and snowy).
Good choices on the yarn, I like the belt idea. Do you have a link to a photo of it or the pattern? I haven't had much time for knitting lately...but I still like to look at it.

jeekeehoo said...

I like the yarn choices too. I've knitted with that Debbie Bliss and the fabric it makes is really wonderful. I made that little blue shrug. I'm curious about the belt too.

(sorry I've been missing in action so long! I did read these posts but never had time to comment since I was doing all the work this week that I was supposed to do over spring break!!)