The Lamb Shoppe

There are no words.

A few weeks ago, we finally made it over to The Lamb Shoppe. This is the knitting shop Caleb had found for me when he was looking for a place to live.

Unfortunately, we forgot the camera. If I had taken my camera you would have a better idea of what it was really like.

You would have seen the white sheepdog with dreadlocks.
And the "coffee baa." It serves coffee and tea drinks in two sizes -- skein and hank.
And the lady that works there? So nice! She visited with me for some time, even though I didn't buy anything (I just couldn't justify it when it is so hard for me to knit right now.)

And gosh, I haven't even gotten to the yarn yet. What a beautiful selection! And they had baby yarn that wasn't know, cheapo babyish looking.

They offer lots of classes and she said people tend to just come and hang out on the couches and drink coffee and knit.

Seriously, I could have cried.

p.s. Abby -- is there a way to get more of the posts to show at once? My sorry sausage excuse for fingers are getting a little behind, and then you don't see my comments.


burab said...

Brandy, that shop sounds completely awesome. I love the idea of a "coffee baa" It's something I want to tell normal people about but know that only knitters would understand how funny that really is.

Also, I changed the settings so that it shows 10 posts on the front page but I'm not sure that it has taken effect yet.

jeekeehoo said...

It's taken me a week to respond to the post because I was just too overwhelmed to actually talk about it. Can you imagine a day where the three of us would go to the grilled cheese restaurant for lunch and then to the yarn shop to buy yarn and sit on the couch, knitting and drinking yummy coffee drinks for the rest of the afternoon...savor the thought my friends, savor the thought