leave the suspense to Hitchcock

Here revealed is one of the FOs I've hinted at. Not that I really think Brandy's been in suspense. She definitely has more important things keeping her occupied nowadays! And actually I showed it to her in some stage of spinning over the summer before I saw you (Abby) to give it to you.

Yarn spun for Abby!!!

Don't look too close, (not that you could with the crappy picture, who takes pictures with a phone-what a loser) there are certainly lumps and bumps and it is not the sock yarn it had been indended to be, but for a first attempt, I'm quite pleased. I told her she doesn't have to knit with it if she doesn't want to. And of course now, she'll have her own wonderful handspun to knit with. Definitely make something out of the first handspun you've made, whatever it is. And I think the yarn looks great. I couldn't make spindle spun look that good now!

So here's the only picture I thought to take in Chesapeake City. It truly deserved more pictures as it's a very neat little town. But everytime I started to take a picture there was this bridge thing in the background....

You may think she's contemplating this yarn but actually she's thinking, "must. spin. wool. now." It's all this time looking at that spinning wheel I tell ya. She was doomed when she came in the shop. Even I could hear the drop spindles calling her name.

p.s. Speaking of suspense, what about the promised pictures of the "boob toaster"

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Brandy said...

Crappy camera or not, the color is great! It looks better than I had even imagined when I saw it in the process.