Spinning sans wheel

Jen and I met at a yarn/spinning/weaving/basketmaking store in MD. Jen bought lots of beautiful fibers - I bought a drop spindle and some "starter" fibers. Perhaps for my own self esteem I shouldn't make these images public...but here they are.

I guess that first one isn't so bad, but that's only because I have mostly covered up the horrendously uneven stuff from the very beginning. You can see a little bit of it peeking out in the second pic.

Oh, and a lot more of it in the third pic. And yes, I will ply ALL of it, even the horrendously uneven stuff for no reason but to keep myself humble. It'll make some really interesting...yarn...for something. I'm reasonably certain that I could make a small bracelet out of it if I really wanted to. I only bought like 1 oz of this stuff...

I was also given a very special present, details of which I assume are to be kept quiet. But, I had to mention it...if only to increase the anticipation for Brandy :-)

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Brandy said...

This was your fist attempt Abby? It looks great! I agree with Jen that you HAVE to make something out of it.