Lecture anyone?

I too should be working instead of knitting, spinning, posting about knitting, thinking about knitting, thinking about spinning while I'm knitting...but nevertheless, here I am! This will be picture intense because I haven't posted for a while. Just warning ya'!

I actually have a few more FOs than can be posted here because....ssshh, they're secrets for...well you two!! I will reveal them to all once they have found their new homes!

So you'll have to see not only the FOs I have but the evidence of my summer travels via purchases too!

FO #1 for darling nephew Pierce: he needs to learn right now the importance of Halloween in this family! I haven't actually sent this little hat yet but I assume, and rightly I'm sure, that his parents have much more important things on their mind than checking this page to see if I've knitted Pierce anything!!

FO #2 for darling...me? I'm loving this yarn. My first real attempt at woollen spinning and while it is not very good and is actually probably a bad idea to knit with it, I really want a fuzzy orange/red sweater from it!! In the end there will be around 12 skeins of this crazy stuff. Of course, as always, it's hard to convey the color here. It might not be as bright as this looks but Mark did suggest that the color really "radiates"...hah! radiates/radiator! He's so cute.

Now on to the booty:

Do you know the Chibi needle? Wonderful curved tip for finishing seams/sewing in ends but the size can only be described as "honkin' big". Well, they finally came out with three smaller sizes so they can be used for smaller yarns. I'd heard this rumor but had to travel to AL to discover it was true. I want to finish a sock just to sew in the ends with the tiny little one!!

But Texas was the real score! Brandy is not surprised. Hobby Lobby was having a huge sale. I only ended up there because Loree needed something for the nursery. 99cent sugar 'n cream cotton by gad!! And Patons Katrina (which I made that pink shrug out of) for $2.14, normall $5 something. That's more than 50% off. No pretty colors but who can't use black!

AND my favorite, cotton combs. They are worn but a lovely old patina look and actually being broken in is a plus. According to most fiber people you want them at a point where they've been used some. But here's the best. Not only are they old and broke in, they were $18! I haven't seen nice new ones for less than around $40! WHOA!!

Did you stick to the bitter end? You're so sweet!


burab said...

I would like to see the homespun in person, please! Did you hand dye as well? Cute little hat, and nice job on cleaning up in the south. Only a few days till I get to see you again!

An aside: Have you been reading the comments on the Yarn Harlot's blog? Some of them sound like pretty intense stalkers. If I were her, I'd be a little afraid... Also, opinions on knitting-themed tattoos? I just can't bring myself around to approving of a ball of yarn with flames behind it permanently emblazoned on someone's skin. It's wrong on so many levels! I wonder what the tattoo artist was thinking while he sketched that one out?

jeekeehoo said...

You know, I used to read comments but really seriously they absolutely weird me out. serious stalkers. And I'm with you on the tattoo thing and I've actually always desparately wanted a tattoo but I wouldn't even pick that. If the Harlot thought the crowd at the bookstore freaked people out, she should really meet the tattoo artist who did that one!!

Three days and counting 'til I see you. Can't wait!! Hey pregnant lady-want to fly to DE this Sat? I had a friend fly at 8+ months. Said she just put a pillow in front of her tummy and walked right on!!

Brandy said...

So I'm a little late commenting on this one...I would have loved to join you. Do you know if I fly at this point and went into labor somewhere else, the insurance would not cover it? They specifically warned us about it.

I really need to bookmark the Yarn Harlot. I am certainly missing out on some things.