Brest dressed bear

You read the title right.

So when you are pregnant you have to take lots of classes. Even though I'm pretty sure cavewomen knew nothing about a "focus object" or breathing techniques when they delivered, you just aren't a good parent now if you don't do these kinds of things.

So last Saturday was our breastfeeding class (called feeding by those too uncomfortable to mention the first part). When we got our registration confirmation letter it informed us we were to bring a baby doll or stuffed animal about the size of a baby.

So I took the little black bear in the purple sweater that I knitted. We definitely had the best dressed, if not the most lifelike baby in the room. No one commented on the cute sweater and I did my best to be offended.

You really haven't lived until you have spent your Saturday morning with a bunch of other pregnant women, their ill-at-ease husbands, and a bunch of animals propped up on Boppy pillows. And, oh yeah, the class was taught by a lady who was clearly from Minnesota.

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jeekeehoo said...

Oh you bet 'ya that must have been fun.

Sorry I didn't responded sooner; it was such a great post. But...sick sick sick...sicker than I can remember being, lying on the floor of the bathroom hoping to die sick, for awhile I was afraid I would die and then I was afraid I wouldn't sick. Word to the wise, beware suspect meatloaf sandwiches that actually want to lure you to your death.