serial killer

Just like a shark...taste a little blood and I become uncontrollable. Emboldened by my sock, my evil eye scanned my knitting basket for other unworthies and it wasn't hard to find the next victim. Remember this skirt...

It was called Shocking! how cute... the only shocking thing was how impossible it was for me to knit it and I emphasize ME. Obviously someone else at some point was able to knit it but certainly not ME

Yes that's a year's worth of work you see there! Who knew I had so much hate for my knitting projects. I've tried and tried to like this project. I like the idea of the finished skirt.
Oh well, you know what comes next...

HOWEVER, ladies and gentlemen, this death has an even happier ending than the sock. I decided to rip the skirt is Saturday...and I have a COMPLETED skirt from the yarn!!!

Two nights, count 'em, TWO nights. Shucks, it took me two months just to get a workable gauge on the shockingly stupid other skirt. The instant gratification is so overwhelming I can hardly stop from running out on the street and stopping people and telling them "I just made a skirt in two nights". And they weren't even difficult nights. They were thoroughly enjoyable nights (well the crochet edge did make me a little cranky for a bit but how could that last when the crochet bit only took about 40 minutes!)

I'd love any skirt that I could finish in just two nights but it just so happens that I'd love this skirt even if it had taken a lifetime. I even like it ON ME which is rarely ever true of anything I put on myself. Please ignore my hair in the pictures. Mark took these and I couldn't convince him to chop off my head. Despite his subject matter, he did a great job, even touched them up in iphoto. He's so great!!

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Brandy said...

Adorable Jen! And it goes really well with the top you have on too.