Belated Apartment Update!

So, it's been over one month since I moved and I'm just now getting around to this. Our apartment is 2 bedrooms, one bath, full kitchen, and we have a porch! The apartment is in a community of buildings owned by the same management company. Each bulding has 4 apartments in it, ours is pretty close to the gate but very far from the pool. That's ok though, it's nice to get a little bit of walking before you jump in the water. Here are some pics of the place - some of them are from when we moved in and some are more recent (please excuse the messiness).

Oh, I found the LYS (Well, it's in Newark so not all that local, but it's the closest one I know of) and it was...ok. The had Debbie Bliss, Wool in the Woods, Lamb's Manos though. The needles I almost bought were waaay overpriced (thank you AC Moore for having affordable needles!) and I don't recall seeing any Lantern Moon items for sale there. The staff was nice, they offered to help when we walked in, and they did have a TREMENDOUS amount of sock yarn in stock. So, not amazing but not bad either.

The object study! You know, after I posted that, I completely forgot that I even mentioned anything about it. Well, for the next semester, I'm going to be researching an 18th century spinning wheel! Here's a pic:

It was owned by a family in New York and is now at the museum. We have to learn everything we can about the object's provenance, use, construction, etc. and then present it at the end of the semester. This project has a good and a bad side. Good side is that I'm learning a lot about spinning and fibres in general, also about the history of textile making in America. The bad side is that after I read about wool for a few minutes, I get this incredible urge to touch wool which can only be satisfied by picking up a project and knitting for a while. Ohhh I've started 3 new projects since I started my research! They are (in order): a mobius strip scarf, a shawl made from an 19th century (I think) pattern (for my's been renamed the "boob toaster" pictures forthcoming), and a pair of fingerless gloves or wristwarmers. The yarn shop had the pattern tacked up by Debbie Bliss Cashmerino with a neon orange sign that said "Uses only one skein of yarn!" and I just couldn't resist. One skein? What's the harm? The pattern is from and well, seriously, ONE SKEIN and a free pattern? This grad student just realized that she has to buy books for 4 classes in a few weeks. Cheap is good.

Ok, one last thing before I go. There are a LOT of knitters in my program. We met the conservation students (our science-based counterparts) and there are a LOT of knitters in their program. We talked and a regular knit night is in the planning stages. It's very exciting.

Oops...One last last thing. You may have noticed (or not because it was pretty dark) that my desk chair was wearing a Moebius Scarf:


jeekeehoo said...

researching a spinning wheel=....I have no words

You have the most incredible program ever although I do totally get the downside. It's the same reason why I don't read more about knitting/spinning on the web. Eventually, and it doesn't take long, I have to go knit/spin. The Yarn Harlot claims she can hit the scroll key with her toes if she puts the keyboard on the floor and thus continue knitting as she surfs but a. I have a laptop and b. this still doesn't help with spinning!

The shop sounds nice and I would much rather have a nice staff with limited selection than excellent selection and poor staff - not that I have any certain store in mind (woolworks) certainly not (woolworks) all the shops in (woolworks) Baltimore are excellent.
I've been eyeing those wrist warmers from knitty ever since they published the summer issue. Sounds like the store might be small but they are good "enablers"!! And I'm so happy you've found other knitters. Our handwork truly does bring people together.

OK you MUST promise to share everything you learn about your wheel and fiber and spinning history or I'll kill you with my niddy noddy and then run your body through a drum carder (I watch way too much Mystery! on PBS-what would Miss Marple say-the only flaw is I don't have a drum carder oh to have a drum carder!!)

I did score yarn and something else special at an antique shop on this Abilene trip though. Pictures forthcoming! And congrats again on the Moebius scarf. Those are addictively coo and yours looks greatl!

Brandy said...

Hi Abby!
Your apartment looks great. It seems like you are all settled in.

Yeah, I'm with Jen...I just can't believe your luck with researching a spinning wheel. Did you get to choose or did that just happen randomly? Either way, WOW!

Glad you found a good LYS. You are one step ahead of me, though I know there are some around here -- I just haven't made it.