Blanket soul-searching

Last night we went to Denver's giant independent bookstore and I knitted on the blanket a little. I tried to figure out why I am tired of working on it. I mean, it can't be the stitch or the yarn. I love the stitch. I love the yarn. For gosh sakes, when I made Magnus's I really liked working on it the whole time. And this blanket is for MY baby. But nonetheless I am ready to be finished with it. I want to move on. I want to do the matching hat. And Christmas gifts (my mom and Caleb's mom both want ipod covers). And I realize that time is running out for getting those things done because unless I can learn to knit and breastfeed at the same time, my knitting hours will probably be limited for a while after the baby arrives.

So back to the original question: why am I bored with the blanket? I decided it's not the blanket. It's me. There are only two times when I knit on the blanket:

1. My hands are hurting but I knit anyway because I want to. But then it just makes the hands worse and I give up in frustration.
2. I don't particularly feel like knitting (don't 'tsk' me Jen -- it happens to some of us) but my hands DON'T hurt, so I feel obligated to knit while I can.

So you see, either way I end up resenting the blanket a little. I'm not sure what the solution is. Well, Caleb suggested that the blanket does not have to be finished before the baby is born. I'm not sure what he's smoking. It must be the paint fumes from the dresser we (okay he) are doing for the baby's room.

You might be feeling sorry for me. Sorry that I have been separated from a love in my life. But there is one thing I love almost as much as yarn, in fact probably just as much. And that thing is....cheese. And I am happy to report that the cheese situation in my life is fabulous. It's glorious. Thanks to this place. Go ahead, click on the link. This post will be here when you get back. I'll wait....

Okay, did you look? Is that not amazing? A place that SPECIALIZES in grilled cheeses. More than thirty choices of cheese. Plus all kinds of bread and toppings. We've been. And I'm here to report that it is as heavenly as you would imagine. And guess what else. No guess. It's about 3 blocks from the hospital where we will deliver. This means it is also three blocks from the place that we take like a jillion prenatal classes. These classes tend to have times like 6-9 pm, so that you practically HAVE to eat dinner on the way.

Oh yes ladies. Put it on your list of places to visit when you come to Denver.

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jeekeehoo said...

Yes I looked but I have to admit that I blacked out a little at the thought of a grilled cheese specialty restaurant so I'm not sure how long it took me to get back to the post. I knew fate wouldn't take you from me and send you to Denver without a very good reason and now, all is clear!

As for the blankie, I haven't a 'tsk' in my body. I, yes I, too have times when I don't feel like knitting (of course I tend to go spin in those moments but let's not dwell on details) and I do sympathize with the feeling that there's too many knitting deadlines. It also happens to me, especially if Christmas is anywhere close. Are there no times that you do feel like knitting when your hands aren't hurting? And, seriously, if you think your hands are hurting from the knitting, stop...immediately. I mean it. You cannot work through the pain. You can just cause permanent damage. And I can understand being willing to suffer a certain amount of damage for the sake of what will be the most absolutely adorable baby pictures EVER of little baby McD wrapped in a blankie by mommy at 2 weeks old, but DO NOT give in! Your hands and all future knitting are at stake!! And even if the pain isn't from the activity, knitting is supposed to be fun!! You really do need to give yourself permission to not finish by deadlines if it isn't fun anymore. You're pregnant - all things should make you happy or they should stop - it's the rule. I gave my sister-in-law a blanket in pieces for her wedding shower with a little picture of what it would look like. Your mom(-in-law) will understand if the ipod covers aren't done.

I will dream of cheese tonight...